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@ MercadoLibre Retreat 2013 - Decoupling your JavaScript

@ MercadoLibre Retreat 2013 - Decoupling your JavaScript


All potent imperatives and motivationally so; though I disagree with a few.

'Get it right the first fucking time', for example, I understand is trying to imply you should care about the quality of your work and have attention to detail. Bonus, you should be efficient about those things. In reality, an iterative approach gets a person better results, and so the 'first draft' or even 'first product' produced may not be 'the right result'. Build, review, adjust/re-build, review, adjust/re-build, review… etc.

As for ‘Use fucking Helvetica’, come on, isn’t Helvetica so 2006-2010? It’s had a good run in the last ten years, let’s let use some other stellar typefaces shine up our work. Wink. Only half serious here. Helvetica is still a nice typeface.